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ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight' crew has fun working hard

ESPN's Peter Gammons has the perfect solution for Major League Baseball's regular-season troubles in Florida: Build a domed stadium to house a major-league team near the intersection of interstates 4 and 75.
We'll come back to that issue because right now the white-haired Gammons is standing in a fake shower scene, wearing a towel across his waist, sandals and nothing else.
Not exactly something you see every day. MORE

Baby Across America Tour: Behind the music

They tried to warn me. They really did.
After first sharing plans for our Baby Across America Tour, nearly everyone – friends, family, neighbors - responded with wide eyes and one word: Why?
They had a point. MORE

Solar Eclipse: Fans upset about pro hockey leaving, perhaps for good

The Orlando Solar Bears and the Charlestown Chiefs from the movie Slap Shot have a lot in common.
Too much, in fact.
Think about it: The Solar Bears, like the Chiefs, continued winning amid a slumping economy and rumors about their future while galvanizing a small but fiercely loyal following. Unfortunately for the Solar Bears, their season and the 1977 movie ended the same way: The hometown team won the championship but ended up folding, leaving a city without hockey. MORE

10 no-nos for fans at the Honda Classic

So, you want to watch some of the world’s best golfers up close and have some fun when they come to PGA National for the Honda Classic?
Cool. But here are some don’t-do items many fans may not have considered. For instance, at the Honda Classic:
* DON’T wear a Speedo. Like … ever, really. MORE

When TV blends with technology: What the future might hold

When you sit down to watch TV, do you ever wish you could make what's on screen come to life?
Well, within a matter of years, that'll be virtually possible. Better buckle up, it's time to go racing.
You're watching the Daytona 500 when the network breaks for a commercial. But instead of changing the channel, you push a special button on your remote and suddenly the race returns.
Only now you're on the track driving a Winston Cup car in real time. See, there's a reason we told you to buckle up. MORE

2015 NFL Draft: Winners and losers

Yes, it's generally smart to wait a couple of years before getting a true handle on judging an NFL Draft class. But who wants to wait that long?
The 2015 draft is over, this year's Mr. Irrelevant has been named, and we assume Mel Kiper Jr. finally put away his sunglasses.
Or, at least we hope he has. Time to judge the draft's winners and losers, on and off the draft board.
Let's do this. MORE

ESPN loses its focus

Dear ESPN -- oops, I mean, Dear Worldwide Leader:
We need to talk.
Normally I wouldn't do this in public, but you don't seem to listen any other way.
Look, a lot of other people have been saying things behind your back, and, well, they're right. We're starting to drift apart, and it's all because of your most prized possession, SportsCenter. MORE

Poll: Should the Super Bowl be on a Saturday?

As the Super Bowl kicks off Sunday night, we know what some fans are thinking: since many already consider game day as sacred as a national holiday, why not just play the game on a Saturday night?
Sounds smart, right?
Turns out, there are some facts to back that up. MORE

Who is that Miami Marlins fan at the World Series? 

If you watched either of the first two World Series games on TV, you couldn’t miss it — a man right behind home plate wearing a bright orange Miami Marlins jersey amid a sea of fans wearing royal blue.
So, who is that guy, anyway? MORE

WATCH: Gator leaps into airboat, terrifies Florida tourists

Just one day after a massive gator’s casual stroll took the Internet by storm, Florida tourists got the thrill of a lifetime — and it was all caught on Facebook Live.
During a vacation in Daytona Beach, Tylor and Emerald Hindery took an airboat ride Tuesday when the alligator decided to become a video star. MORE

How to win at any buffet 

It couldn't have been any clearer.
As diners settled in to plates packed with deliciousness, the rookie mistake rose above the clatter of silverware and soft conversation.
Across the room, a stunned father tried to set his pre-teen son on the proper path, and it took all I had not to give the man a standing ovation: "What are you doing getting so many sausages? There's prime rib!" MORE

Take the BSAT: Baseball Statistical Aptitude Test

Think you know baseball stats? Then take your chances at pitching a perfect quiz.
And just like pitching a perfect game, mowing down opponents becomes increasingly difficult the deeper into the game you go.
You won't need a calculator, but you will need your best stuff to go the distance. MORE

Yes, that is a chicken and waffle cone, and it can be yours

So, let's say you really want a KFC Famous Bowl, but you're stuck at a ballpark and, boy, you'd really like that bowl to be edible.
No problem!
Now you can wrap your hands and taste buds around this chicken and waffle cone, sold at Houston Astros games.
No, you saw that right: Fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and a honey mustard sauce all jammed into a waffle cone. MORE

Man thought he was dating Katy Perry for six years

Six years ago, a Tennessee man struck up an online relationship that changed his world.
After all, that's when Spencer Morrill began dating pop star Katy Perry. Or, at least he thought he was dating her. MORE

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